Lake Tekapo and its glaciers

Today was a day of excitement, with a helicopter ride through the Frank Josef and Fox Glaciers and with the right to land in the snow and take a short walk..

As I’m afraid of flying, I had to go over it and make the trip, because I did not come so far to stay put.

In the morning we were taken to the scheduled meeting point at  Tekapo Helicopters Flights office, but unfortunately they warned us that as the weather was foggy we couldn’t do the tour. However, if we stay in the region, it could be, that if the weather improve during the day, they will call us.

So it was. After 2 hours they called us and we came running to finally take the tour.

I confess that I was so scared to death, such was the fear with which I was. The helicopter was so small ….

As soon as we got up and started to see the wonderful landscapes, everything passed. Even when the pilot told me there was going to be a few bumps, I didn’t even noticed.

As you can see, the scenery was magnificent and landing in the snow was really something exceptional.

We looked like children with our feet buried in the snow and we didn’t even realize that we were getting soaked.

The return was equally beautiful, and when we landed I was so overwhelmed. Not only had I seen something exceptional, but also I had overcome fear.

I love being 50’s!


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